Red X Link Trail

Worlds End State Park to the Iron Bridge: 7.20 miles

Link Trail leaves the Loyalsock Trail at mile 45.96 from behind the Visitors Center of Worlds End State Park. This 7.20 mi. Trail follows Loyalsock Trail in two locations, fork of Double Run and Loyalsock Canyon Vista. Then its terminus rejoins Loyalsock Trail at Iron Bridge, LT mile 55.33. SEE APPENDIX at end of guide book for description of the Link Trail.


As this Trail leaves Visitors Center, it parallels between PA Route 154 and Loyalsock Creek, follows bedrock formations along creek, and goes upstream to PA Route 154. REGISTER vehicle for overnight PARKING near Visitors Center and obtain a Worlds End State Park Map. NO CAMPING until after Link Trail mile 1.81.


Cross PA Route 154 and continue to meet Double Run Nature Trail (green blazes) and Loyalsock Trail at mile 44.63. All three trails cross both branches of Double Run. Then Loyalsock and Link trails ascend to a narrow gauge logging railroad grade. At this location, mile 0.34, the Worlds End State Park Map provides an option to see falls along the main stem and West Branch of Double Run and reconnect with the Link Trail between the bridges.


Link Trail and Loyalsock Trail separate on this railroad grade. Link Trail turns right and ascends along cascades and waterfalls on the East Branch of Double Run.


Leave stream and ascend to switchback of railroad grade. Turn left at switchback. Notice “pigtail” on right. Length of pigtail was determined by engine and log cars, since the train had to clear the switch. Logging trains went forwards and backwards between switchbacks in steep areas or at sharp turns.


Cross Mineral Spring Road, built on railroad grade by men of CCC Camps 95 and 96.


As Link Trail ascends from road, it enters the next switchback and its pigtail. Then Link Trail ascends from pigtail of railroad grade, passes below large rocks and continues up slide where logs were brought down to load on logging cars pulled and pushed through switchbacks by a geared Climax locomotive.


Link Trail bears right, passes along on rock ledges to the right and descends to pass below ledges on left.


Link Trail joins Canyon Vista Trail (blue blazes), a 4.0 mi. circuit trail from the Family Campground. Both trails ascend to Loyalsock Canyon Vista and meet Loyalsock Trail at mile 43.27.


Loyalsock Canyon Vista. The Loyalsock, Link, and Canyon Vista trails meet here.


Loyalsock, Link, and Canyon Vista trails cross Cold Run Road and enter maze of large rock boulders.


Roundabout where trails separate. LinkTrail turns right and Canyon Vista Trail turns left. Loyalsock Trail continues straight ahead. If hiking Link Trail in reverse, Trail enters Worlds End State Park. Camping permitted ONLY in designated overnight areas.


Descend to and cross one branch of Cold Run and ascend to another railroad. Potential campsite (no camping within 100’ of a water source). Cross next branch of Cold Run and ascend to site of a present/former deer exclosure.


Bear right as trail follows perimeter of deer exclosure fence. If using an older guide revision, add 0.22 miles to Link Trail mileages from 2.92 to 6.98.


Descend rock outcrop known as the Devil’s Garden, go right, and down along rock ledges.


Cross another old railroad grade and Vinegar Run in area of dense hemlock trees. Potential campsite (no camping within 100’ of a water source).


Link Trail crosses Cold Run Road and enters woods road, part of Bridle Trail (red blazes). Both trails descend to a logging railroad grade paralleling Vinegar Run.


Turn right and ascend from railroad grade and Bridle Trail.


Large boulder on left. Turn left on old woods road.


Open area and intersection with Bridle Trail. Turn right.


Intersection with another woods road. Bridle Trail goes right, and Link Trail crosses road, enters woods, and turns left on old woods road.


The Link Trail turns left, leaves woods road, and descends to Shanerburg Run.


A Loyalsock Trail register has been placed here on the Link Trail. Please sign REGISTER book.


Turn left on woods road, which parallels Shanerburg Run and descends to PA Route 154.


Cross PA Route 154, turn right, cross bridge, and follow left berm of highway. PARKING.


Turn left off highway, descend to Loyalsock Creek, turn right, and head upstream on bedrock formations, locally called Flat Rock. NO CAMPING at this location. If high water, follow berm of PA Route 154, cross highway bridge over Pole Bridge Run, turn left and descend to Link Trail.


Cross mouth of Pole Bridge Run. Continue up along Loyalsock Creek. Pole Bridge Run descends from Celestia along Route 42, a 19th century religious community started by Peter E. Armstrong. Its land was deeded to God. Armstrong Falls, named for one of Peter’s sons, George Armstrong, was the former name for Rode Falls on Ketchum Run.


Pass cabin on the right.


Turn left and descend steeply to Loyalsock Creek and continue upstream. Potential campsite (no camping within 100’ of a
water source).


The Link Trail ascends from creek, has two switchbacks, and continues to PA Route 154.


Turn left and follow berm of highway.


The Link Trail turns left, leaves highway, and descends to Loyalsock Creek.


Turn sharply right, descend, and follow creek upstream to the Iron Bridge.


Bear left on road, cross bridge over Mill Creek, and walk through parking area.


The Link Trail rejoins the Loyalsock Trail at mile 55.33 on Rock Run Road near the Iron Bridge. PARKING.