Loyalsock Trail


The Alpine Club of Williamsport, PA, organized in 1953, maintains the 59.21 mile Loyalsock Trail (LT) and has trail care hikes and other outings.  Hike offerings and Spring Work Hikes will appear on the Activity Schedule page of this web site.  Alpine Club membership is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!

Reporting Storm or Other Trail Damage or Issues

Please report any Storm Damage here

Work Hike Sunday, April 22

Following are the details for this Sunday, April 22 Alpine Club Work Hike.
We will work the Trail in the area of Coal Mine, World’s End and Mineral Spring Roads, possibly working the Trail from Lee Falls to Mineral Spring, depending on the number of volunteers.  This is LT Miles 34.35 to  41.61.  Following are the two meeting places:
1)  As always, you can meet at the Santander Bank parking lot in South Williamsport.  The Bank is on Market Street and Riverside Drive, just across the Market Street Bridge over the Susquehanna.  For reference, the parking lot is across from Dunkin’ Donuts.  Meetup time will be 8:00am.  Please arrive on time, since we hope to get started right away.
2)  Meet at the World’s End State Park Visitor’s Center, off Rte. 154 in Forksville.  The GPS Coordinates, for our meetup area, are N41.47175, W76.58151.  Meetup time is 9:00am.  Then, knowing the volunteer count, we can decide the logistics and carpool to selected locations.
Folding saws and loppers are again the tools of choice, and some of us will bring chainsaws.
We look forward to a successful and fun work day.
Any questions, please reply here or contact the following:
Ruth Rode  (570)322-5878
Jim Bobak  (570)494-2384

Upcoming Trail Races and Scrambles on the LT

This Spring, there are two major Races, which will involve Runners on the Loyalsock Trail.

1.  World’s End Ultra 50K  and 100K Races — Saturday June 2, 2018

These Ultra Races will affect selected segments of the LT, along with several connecting side Trails.  These events will run from 5:00am until 12:00am midnight, when Runners are to be off the Trail.  The following Mileages of the LT will be affected:

a.)  Mile 22.08 to Mile 29.41
b.)  Mile 29.95 to Mile 43.27
c.)  Mile 43.32 to Mile 43.70
d.)  Mile 44.84 to Mile 55.32
e.)  The entire Red-X blazed Link Trail Mile 0.00 to Mile 7.20

For a map of the entire Race routes, go to: 100K Race Map and 50K Race Map

2.  Smith Knob Scramble — Saturday, June 16, 2018

This Race will start at 9:00am and, because it’s an 8-mile race, should conclude by 12:00pm noon.  The following Mileages of the LT will be affected:

a.)  Mile 6.24 to Mile 9.10
b.)  The entire Red-X blazed Smith Knob Bypass Trail

For a map and other info on this Race, go to: Smith Knob Scramble

Corrections Insert Page for 19th Edition of the Guide

There have been a few changes we need to note, as a Corrections insert to the latest 19th Edition of our Guide.  First, we are noting that our new website is now alpineclubofwilliamsport.com.  Second, because of an evolving philosophy on Trail Registers, Loyalsock Forestry has taken ownership of Trail Register administration.  Thus, many of the Registers have moved, and their locations in the 19th Edition of the Guide are not correct.  Trail Registers are now at miles: 0.00, 4.85, 13.25, 22.13, 28.39, 41.94, 49.02, 59.06 and on the Link Trail at mile 5.50.

Finally, on Map#2, the High Knob Road crossing label should say 29.95 mi.

We are inserting these corrections with all new Guide sales.  If you already have the 19th Edition, please print the following insert corrections  page, cut out the text, and insert it with your Guide:  LT Guide Changes 2018 Insert

Current Alerts

Additional Trail Alerts Info

Standing Alerts

NO FIRES are permitted anywhere on the LT from March 1 to May 25, from October 1 to December 1, and at other times when the fire danger is posted as High, Very High or Extremely High.

NO FIRES are permitted in the Haystacks Area at anytime.


Blazes used on the Loyalsock Trail


The LT is blazed with yellow disks having red LT letters in the center. Double blazes warn of an upcoming change in direction of the trail.


Still visible are old 2″ X 6″ rectangular yellow paint blazes with a 1″ horizontal red stripe. Turns were marked with a yellow directional arrow.

Trail Guides


Learn how to purchase full Loyalsock Trail Guides with directions, maps, and additional info. It is recommended that you use the most current (19th) edition.

Loyalsock Trail
Alpine Club of Williamsport

The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!