The Alpine Club of Williamsport, PA, organized in 1953, maintains the 59.21 mile Loyalsock Trail (LT) and has trail care hikes and other outings.  Hike offerings will appear on the Activity Schedule page of this web site.  Alpine Club membership is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!

2023 Work Hikes

The dates for our open work hikes on the Loyalsock Trail will be the following Sundays:  
April 2
April 23
May 7.
The work hikes are open to everyone (not just club members). Essentially, these are a 3-4 mile walk in the woods over 3-5 hours.  If you have a chain saw (and know how to use it), bring it; otherwise, loppers are good.  We also need volunteers to drag brush, etc. off the trail.  We have loppers available for those that don't bring tools.  For those that have limited time to help, we usually need drivers to shuttle volunteers.
Please keep these dates in mind (and on your calendar).
Additional information will be posted here, as we get closer to the dates, with information about contacts and meeting places.

Alert: Link Trail Detour

Effective Monday September 19, and with a planned ending date of sometime in May 2023, the Red-X Link Trail will be unable to cross Rte. 154, at its current crossing location.  This detour will be due to the closure of Rte. 154, between the turn into World's End State Park's (WESP) lower parking lot (by the concession stand and just north of the Rte. 154 bridge crossing the Loyalsock Creek) and up to where Rte. 154 meets World's End Road.  The closure is due to major reconstruction of Rte. 154 within that segment.

Instead, the Link Trail will follow the Loyalsock Trail (LT), from the WESP Visitor's Center at LT Mile 45.96 and head (after crossing Rte.154) up to LT Mile 44.63.  From there, Link will pick up where it currently is marked at Link Mile 0.60.  This detour will add about 0.73 miles of additional hiking, if you are hiking the entire Link Trail or the LT-Link Loop.  There will be signs posted at the affected waypoints, so please be alert to that signage when hiking the Link Trail in that area.

Please check this website alert, the Loyalsock Trail Facebook Group, or WESP website for any changes or updates.  The WESP website link should contain more detailed information about how to access the Park from varied directions and also info on how Camping and other activities within the Park will be affected during this closure.  You may also contact WESP at 570.924.3287 or [email protected]

Thanks for your attentiveness and patience during this project.

Reporting Storm or Other Trail Damage or Issues

Please report any Storm Damage here

20th Edition of Loyalsock Trail Guide & Maps

The most recent Edition of our LT Guide and Maps is the 20th Edition.  We recommend using this most recent Edition, if you are doing any longer-term hikes, especially thru hikes.  Although the geographic and physical itinerary of the LT has not changed significantly, there have been some residually minor corrections to mileage and altitude, and the beginning Table of Contents has gone through some reorganization.  The biggest change is that the Guide is now spiral-bound, with a plastic flip spiral at the top.  This makes it much easier to more permanently move through pages of the Guide, as you navigate across the Trail.  To order the new Guide from its various sales sources, please visit or Order Guides webpage: Order 20th Edition

Gas Well and Pipeline Activity on Allegheny Front

The following Caution currently affects only Gas and Pipeline activity in the first segment of the LT.  This Caution will be posted at the Western Terminus of the LT -- Mile 0.00 -- and at the bottom of Pete's Path -- around Mile 4.75.

CAUTION:   Gas Company Construction on the Loyalsock Trail Ahead

The ALPINE Club of Williamsport has recently been informed that a gas company (PGE) will construct a road and buried water line across the Trail on the plateau ahead.  The exact date and location of the work is still unknown.

The construction will affect the Loyalsock Trail at the 2 following locations:

  • Between LT Miles 1.4 and 1.5 the construction will cross the LT at a right angle.
  • Between LT Miles 3.38 and 3.60 the construction will cross the LT but where and how it will cross remains unknown.

You may encounter an open 3 foot deep ditch.

Remember, trucks and equipment always have the right of way.

Be safe and enjoy your hike.

The Alpine Club of Williamsport.

Current Alerts

Additional Trail Alerts Info

Standing Alerts

NO FIRES are permitted anywhere on the LT from March 1 to May 25, from October 1 to December 1, and at other times when the fire danger is posted as High, Very High or Extremely High.

NO FIRES are permitted in the Haystacks Area at anytime.

Blazes used on the Loyalsock Trail


The LT is blazed with yellow disks having red LT letters in the center. Double blazes warn of an upcoming change in direction of the trail.


Still visible are old 2" X 6" rectangular yellow paint blazes with a 1" horizontal red stripe. Turns were marked with a yellow directional arrow.

Trail Guides

To purchase full Guide with directions, maps and additional info, go to:  Loyalsock Trail Guides.  It is recommended that you use the most current (20th) edition.

Loyalsock Trail
Alpine Club of Williamsport

The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!