The Alpine Club of Williamsport, PA, organized in 1953, maintains the 59.21 mile Loyalsock Trail (LT) and has trail care hikes and other outings.  Hike offerings and Spring Work Hikes will appear on the Activity Schedule page of this web site.  Alpine Club membership is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!

Hunting Season Hiking

Just a reminder that PA Hunting Season for Archery has begun, and that announces the beginning of large game Hunting Season in PA.  The Loyalsock State Forest is part of legal large and small game hunting.  Additionally, most of World’s End State Park and the portions of the Loyalsock Trail which pass through private land, except as posted, is legal hunting ground.  Effectively this means ALMOST ALL of the Loyalsock Trail passes through hunting land.  Please visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission website for details on hunting dates and regulations:  PA Game Commission.

For the safety and respect  of ALL Hikers and Hunters, it is highly recommended you wear the required amount of “hunter’s orange,” as part of your hiking apparel.   Note the following link to that requirement:    Hunter Orange Requirement Chart.

BE SAFE during Hunting Season!!

Reporting Storm or Other Trail Damage or Issues

Please report any Storm Damage here

Friends of World’s End State Park – Join or Donate

World’s End State Park is the only true “oasis” along the almost 60 mile Loyalsock Trail, a primitive wilderness footpath.  The Park now has a Friends Group for support.  To Join, or Donate to, that Group, please use the following link:

Friends of World’s End State Park

Gas Well and Pipeline Activity on Allegheny Front

The following advisory affects the LT in a few short sections between Miles 1.95 and 3.60.  This advisory is also posted on a few signs in that area of the LT and on DCNR website: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateForests/FindAForest/Loyalsock/Pages/Advisories.aspx

Loyalsock Trail Advisory

Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) is constructing a natural gas pipeline from its well pad on Allegheny Ridge (Little Bear area of Loyalsock State Forest) along portions of the Bryan Hay Trail and a small section of the Loyalsock Trail.  The pipeline’s 50 foot wide clearing is directly adjacent to the LT for about 160 yards, from LT Miles 3.51 to 3.60 —  that is, from where the LT takes the left fork where Bryan Hay Road meets old Smith Road, and to where LT turns left and leaves Bryan Hay Road (see LT Guide).

Trail markers are located on the north side of the opening.  Hikers should use caution when traversing this area and avoid construction equipment. The forest district is working with the Alpine Club of Williamsport and PGE to assess and resolve potential long-term impacts to this section of the trail, extending to mile marker 1.95, in totality rather than piecemeal as PGE’s operation moves forward.

Corrections Insert Page for 19th Edition of the Guide

There have been a few changes we need to note, as a Corrections insert to the latest 19th Edition of our Guide.  First, we are noting that our new website is now alpineclubofwilliamsport.com.  Second, because of an evolving philosophy on Trail Registers, Loyalsock Forestry has taken ownership of Trail Register administration.  Thus, many of the Registers have moved, and their locations in the 19th Edition of the Guide are not correct.  Trail Registers are now at miles: 0.00, 4.85, 13.25, 22.13, 28.39, 41.94, 49.02, 59.06 and on the Link Trail at mile 5.50.

Finally, on Map#2, the High Knob Road crossing label should say 29.95 mi.

We are inserting these corrections with all new Guide sales.  If you already have the 19th Edition, please print the following insert corrections  page, cut out the text, and insert it with your Guide:  LT Guide Changes 2018 Insert

Current Alerts

Additional Trail Alerts Info

Standing Alerts

NO FIRES are permitted anywhere on the LT from March 1 to May 25, from October 1 to December 1, and at other times when the fire danger is posted as High, Very High or Extremely High.

NO FIRES are permitted in the Haystacks Area at anytime.


Blazes used on the Loyalsock Trail


The LT is blazed with yellow disks having red LT letters in the center. Double blazes warn of an upcoming change in direction of the trail.


Still visible are old 2″ X 6″ rectangular yellow paint blazes with a 1″ horizontal red stripe. Turns were marked with a yellow directional arrow.

Trail Guides


Learn how to purchase full Loyalsock Trail Guides with directions, maps, and additional info. It is recommended that you use the most current (19th) edition.

Loyalsock Trail
Alpine Club of Williamsport

The Alpine Club invites you to hike the Loyalsock Trail in hopes that you will enjoy, explore, and protect the wild lands and places of natural beauty!