Activity Schedule


Our 2022 work hikes on the Loyalsock Trail will be Sundays:
April 10
May 8
May 22
In light of the ongoing pandemic and concern for safety of all of you, we are forgoing the "mass" meetups beforehand. We are asking that, if you have not already, please RSVP to Dave Dahl email & phone below, if you intend to attend one or all of these dates.
Dave will then evaluate the work needed and form work groups that will meet at the respective work site.

2022 ANNUAL MEETING and Officer Elections

Event:  The 68thAnnual Meeting of the Alpine Club of Williamsport
When:  Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 2 PM
Where:  In the LT Pavillion in the Worlds End State Park
Due to the pandemic, the last 2 Annual Meetings of our Membership had been canceled.  This will be the resumption of our business meeting and it will include the election of Officers.
No food nor refreshments will be provided by the Club.  We have the Pavillion for the entire day.  If you would like to use the Pavillion for your noon or evening meal, please feel free to do so.
The Pavillion is at the last small parking lot on the left of the Cabin Road, immediately before the Road crosses the bridge over the Loyalsock Creek.
See you at the Meeting!
Also, remember that although our Bylaws require Elections for new Officers to be held during odd numbered years, we did not hold Elections last year, due to postponement of our Annual Meeting.  As a result, all the current Officers had volunteered to extend their service for an additional year.  We appreciate that extended voluntary service from Dan Wolfe, Dave Dahl and Jenn Ulmer.  Thus, all three Officership positions -- President, Vice President/Treasurer and Secretary -- are now open for nominations, and we encourage you to nominate any Member to any of those three positions; you may also have a Member nominate you, if you are interested in serving a term as Alpine Club Officer.
If you would like to mail your 2022 dues, you can send them to Dave Dahl at: 340 Linden St. South Williamsport, Pa 17702.  If you have questions about your dues status, please E-Mail the Club or Dave at the following respective addresses: [email protected] or [email protected].   $2 per Individual, $3 for family.


[email protected]


Details for future Fun & Recreational Hikes will be announced as soon as they are determined.


Dave Dahl –  (570) 916-6702
Ruth Rode – (570) 322-5878


Be sure to bring water and lunch, and wear clothes and shoes suitable for the day’s weather! Please read the Liability section before participating in an Alpine Club event.

MEETUP OPTIONS (Not applicable for Spring 2022 Work Hikes.)

Following  are options for meeting for Work Hikes.

  1. Meet at 8 AM, at the back section of the Walmart parking lot in Montoursvile.  That section is directly across from the Wendy’s Restaurant.   It is located on Loyalsock Ave., just South of the I-180 exit for Rte. 87.  GPS Coordinates:  41.261244°N  76.916869°W.
  2. Contact Dave Dahl, the Loyalsock Trail Co-Chairperson, to make arrangements to meet the group at some other location.  Contact Dave at:  mailto:[email protected] or 570-916-6702.  This might be more convenient, depending on where one lives in relation to where the club is planning to work that day.

The Alpine Club maintains the Loyalsock Trail (LT), which traverses Lycoming and Sullivan Counties. During work hikes we will concentrate on clearing the LT of debris, cutting over-hanging branches and brush, and clipping plants that may interfere with hikers’ view of the blazes.

Regular Alpine Club members understand the importance of this annual spring work. For anyone interested in helping to maintain this well-used and acclaimed hiking trail, here is a great opportunity for you to give back to the hiking community which has provided well-maintained trails wherever you may roam. It’s also a great way to share some time with experienced local hikers!

The Alpine Club has loppers and clippers for use on these work hikes, but bringing your own is a great idea. Be sure to bring water and lunch, and wear clothes and shoes suitable for the day’s weather!

Please help maintain the Loyalsock Trail (LT). Your help is crucial in maintaining this historic trail which has existed since 1951. Dave will determine the work area each day. If you are willing to work on one of the eight trail sections or a portion of the LT at some other time, please contact Dave Dahl..

If you would like to be e-mailed or called when any hikes are planned by a member during the year; or to get an e-reminder before a work hike; or if you would like to volunteer to lead a hike, Contact Dave Dahl at: mailto:[email protected] or 570-916-6702 .



Eagles Mere Conservancy Thursday and occasionally Tuesday hikes from the end of June through Labor Day. Hikers meet at the Outlet Pond along Route 42 in Eagles Mere at 9:30 a.m. Contact Ruth Rode at (570) 322-5878 for more info.


Keystone Trails Association Pennsylvania Hiking Week Events, Special Hiking Weekends and Meetings.


The Alpine Club of Williamsport and/or its leaders, officers or representatives shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage to person and/or property, direct or consequential, arising out of any trips and/or activities of the Alpine Club. The assumption of risk which is inherent in this type of outdoor and rugged activity is implied on the part of each person who attends any Club event/trip. Every person participating in any said trip and/or activity assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith. Individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for the minor. Any member or guest has the right to decline being transported to and from an event with or by another individual, or to decline to transport any other individual.