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It is recommended that you use the most current  20th Edition of Guide.  LT Blaze is 3" Round Plastic.  Both Patches are 3" Round Embroidered.

Download Order Form

Alpine Club Order Form LT Guides 20th Edition

Download and print the above order form, fill in the required information, and mail to the address shown below.  Please print neatly.

Make checks payable to:

Alpine Club of Williamsport

Mail this form with your check to:

Alpine Club of Williamsport
PO Box 501
Williamsport PA 17703

Check Policy

By using a check for payment, you agree to the following terms:
In the event your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, you authorize us
to electronically (or by paper draft) re-present the check to your bank account for
collection of the amount of the check, plus any applicable fees as permitted by state law.

Local Guide Sales

For those of you who might need a trail guide sooner than one can be obtained by mail, there are several locations near the trail where a trail guide might be purchased.  Because supplies might be limited it would be good practice to call the place beforehand for availability and hours.  Currently trail guides are generally available at Worlds End State Park, The Sullivan Review, and Otto Bookstore.  Trail guides are sometimes available at the Forksville General Store and the McCarty Mercantile (formerly Hillsgrove Country Store), Hillsgrove, PA.

Trail Guides can also be purchased online through Keystone Trails Association Online Bookstore:  https://www.kta-hike.org/store.html

Purchase LT Stickers and other Related Stuff

Stickers of LT Blazes and Worlds End State Park, along with other LT related stuff, can be purchased separately through the Red Bubble website.  You may use the following link: LT Stickers and Related Stuff